Trust the Flyer

11th September 2018

​​​​​​​One lucky Swans fan will be guaranteed a minimum £500 prize through the revamped ‘Half-Time Flyer’ at the match against Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

Fans purchasing a £1 ticket will also be supporting the excellent work carried out by the club’s Community Trust, with all profits from the Flyer going towards community projects.

While fans can still win up to 50 per cent of the total takings – up to £1,000 – the Community Trust will be guaranteeing a minimum pay-out of £500 on Saturday, plus two prizes of a signed Swans ball and a £25 club shop voucher.

All ticket proceeds are split between the winner and the Community Trust directly, with no funding going directly to the club itself. The draw is made live on the pitch at half-time.

Unfortunately, ticket sales and consequently prize money have dropped dramatically over recent months, which has reduced the Community Trust’s fundraising efforts.

This has led to a direct appeal from Helen Elton, head of the Community Trust, which is a registered charity.

“There seems to be a perception that the income from sales is being collected by the club,’’ said Helen. “So, I felt there was a need to clarify the situation.

“The reduction in prize money has been a direct result of a drop in Flyer sales. There is no other reason. The only way for the prize money to increase is for ticket sales to increase.

“The fewer people who buy a flyer, the lower the prize and the less money we can direct back into community projects.

“In a bid to raise the profile of the Flyer again, we will guarantee a minimum prize of £500 on Saturday.’’

Elton added: “For the last four years, all the Flyer takings have come straight to the Community Trust.

“As a registered charity, we are legally obliged to keep all our finances separate from the club and account for every penny to our auditors and the Charities Commission.”

Purchasing a Flyer ticket is an excellent way to support the valuable work the Community Trust does in your community.

That work includes SwansAid, working in schools and youth clubs, running soccer camps, working with disabled people and supporting unemployed people back into work, plus many other important projects.

You can find more information about the Community Trust’s work by visiting the Community page on the club’s official website.

If you are interested in becoming a Flyer seller, or have any questions about the Flyer, please contact