Trust to launch Autism projects for young footballers

31st July 2017

Swans Community Trust will further their work with children with disabilities by launching two new autism football projects in September.

Working in partnership with two local football clubs, the Community Trust will first introduce a new U12 section specifically for young footballers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), before launching an Autism Football Academy with Cwm Wanderers.

The news comes after a successful summer that has seen the Trust launch a ten-week physical literacy programme designed to improve the confidence and ability level of children with Autism.

With the Inclusion project continuously growing, their next aim is to provide a better service and experience for fans and participants for those with Autism.



“Autism Spectrum Disorder effects one in 100 people, so it is inevitable that we will come in to contact with children and adults with Autism either at the stadium or in the wider community,” said the Community Trust’s senior inclusion manager, Richard Jones.

“It is really important that both the club staff and the Community Trust staff receive training in order to make peoples’ experiences better. It was only a few months ago the both sets of staff received disability inclusion training and this is an excellent follow up to this.

“I firmly believe that as a family and community orientated club, it is our duty to our fans and participants to be inclusive and have experienced and skilled personnel in place to deliver the best possible experience to everyone associated with the club.

"We also have some excellent programmes for children with Autism, as well as offering pan-disability activities that cater for children and adults with a range of disabilities.”

If you are interested in either of the football opportunities starting in September, contact Richard Jones via